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Safety Critical Mailing List

Here is some information about the safety-critical mailing list. If you wish to join, please go to the joining request form, where you will be asked to give your name, email address, organisation and interests. This information will be posted to the mailing list with the announcement of your joining.

Sending to the List

Messages which members send to will go to all members of the list.  If the message is sent by anyone who is not a member it will be diverted to the moderator for manual inspection and forwarded to the list if it appears to be a genuine posting.

Please note that, if you have a mail client with a "Reply" facility, then hitting "Reply" will result in your reply going to the whole list, not just to the originator of the message.

Messages must be sent as simple text with no attachments. Those with attachments are filtered out. If you wish to refer to information in proprietary format, e.g. a Word document, then you should put it on a web site and provide a URL. Bear in mind that a substantial proportion of the list do not use Microsoft Office.

Any messages with an excessive recipient list are intercepted and dealt with arbitrarily by the moderator. "Excessive" is currently defined as more than a screen-full, on the moderator's screen of recipients.


The safety-critical mailing list is a forum for discussion of the engineering and assessment of safety-critical systems, with special reference to computing. It covers safety requirements and risks, safety engineering techniques and safety assessment. Its focus is on safety-critical computer systems and computer-supported design and assessment of general system safety.

It will avoid duplicating discussions which take place in existing forums, such as comp.risks and other mailing lists. Moderation Policy

It is proposed, as far as possible, to allow anyone who wishes to join the mailing list, and free expression of views on the subjects covered by the charter. However, it will be at the discretion of the moderator, currently Tim Kelly, to restrict either membership or expression where it is necessary to conform to the policies of my institution or the Internet. There are no restrictions on the use of information which appears in this forum.


Please avoid sending auto-replies (e.g. "I am away") to this email list..

NOTE: If You have any queries relating to the Safety Critical List please contact Dr Tim Kelly