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RE: [sc] new books

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GSN - The Goal Structuring Notation:
A Structured Approach to Presenting Arguments

Springer  ISBN 978-1-4471-2311-8

This book is both for the aspiring writer of arguments in GSN and for those who wish to read, review and understand them.  It presents a clear exposition of the notation, starting from first principles and showing why each symbol is needed and how it should be used.

I wrote the book to be read in sequence from front to back.  I have presented the information incrementally.  It is a narrative, with each chapter building on what has gone before.  Clear guidance and simple examples are given of each piece of the notation as it is introduced.  Once sufficient notation is to hand, I give an example that has a chapter of its own and serves as a vehicle to introduce further new concepts and guidance over subsequent chapters.

Note that book is not a learned dissertation.  I am not presenting research, or a theory of argumentation, rather I am providing a practitioners' guide to the GSN - How to write it, how to read it and how to review it.

This will also be available in e-book form and as separate e-chapters.

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*Static Analysis of Software*

*t**hE **A**bStRACt **I**ntERPREtAtIon*

*Edited by Jean-Louis Boulanger, Consultant*

*This book presents real examples of the formal techniques called*

*=93abstract interpretation=94 currently being used in various industrial*

*fields: railway, aeronautics, space, automotive, etc.*

*The current literature seems to only provide very general books on the*

*formal techniques. The purpose of this book is to present students and*

*researchers, in a single book, with the wealth of experience of people*

*who are intrinsically involved in the realization and evaluation of*

*software-based safety critical systems. As the authors are people
currently working within*

*the industry, the usual problems of confidentiality, which can occur with
other books, is*

*not an issue and so makes it possible to supply new useful information

*architectural plans, real examples**).*

ISBN 9781848213203 =95 October 2011 =95 352 pages =95 Hardback =95 234x156 =
mm =95
165.00 $

Mr Jean-louis Boulanger


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