RE: [sc] M5 Road Accident and ITS

RE: [sc] M5 Road Accident and ITS

From: Andrew Shore <a.shore_at_xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 20:36:14 -0000
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I'm sure this thread of conversation is well past its best before date,

It sounds pretty lax of him not to have reduced them by the other two
thirds, too, if it was that easy.

Let's hope he's got some similarly effective way of sorting out eurozone

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On 11/7/11 7:30 PM, Andrew Shore wrote:
> Do you think imposing speed limits really works?

If you were to define the goals, I could answer that question more easily.

> The UK motorway speed limit
> is 70mph, of course, yet much, probably most, traffic travels at in excess
> of 80mph when congestion doesn't prevent it. Interestingly, the few
> police on British motorways take no action against such speeds.

That is uniform modulo numbers throughout the jurisdictions with which I
have experience (the US, 
and various European countries).

I have already mentioned how Sarkozy reduced French fatal accident rates
permanently by a third 
within a month.

> (though I myself doubt that the effect of an 85mph accident will be much
> more awful than of a 70mph one),

neither of those are very well-defined terms, so I am not sure what you are


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