RE: [sc] Compiler validation ?

RE: [sc] Compiler validation ?

From: Watts Malcolm (AE/ENG11-AU) <Malcolm.Watts_at_xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 10:04:14 +0800
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Thanks to all for your comments on the compiler question.


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2011/10/14 Watts Malcolm (AE/ENG11-AU) <Malcolm.Watts@xxxxxx>:
>  If no validation, how can one make the argument for confidence in the use of a compiler toolchain ?

This point has been discussed in March on this very list.

The original paper:

The thread:

To summarize, all compilers have bugs. But some of them have much less
than others and the compcert (certified compilers programmed in Coq
proof assistant) is much promising.

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