RE: [sc] Civility of discourse in the Safety-Critical Systems Engineering Community

RE: [sc] Civility of discourse in the Safety-Critical Systems Engineering Community

From: Parkes, Timothy (UK) <Timothy.Parkes_at_xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 09:00:18 -0000
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Hi, All,

I have been using this list for several years and I find it of immense
I seldom add contributions of my own. Sometimes I feel I have something
to say, but find that somebody else makes the same observation before I
articulate my thoughts. On other occasions I feel that I lack the
evidence or 
experience to back up my views. Occasionally I share my personal
(e.g. kidney dialysis machines, or motorcycles using headlights during
the day). 

My role in my organisation gives me some influence over our processes
for the 
development of safety-related software. There can be no doubt that our
are better for having been informed by discussions on this forum. So
please don't 
"throw the baby out with the bath water" by either censorship or
exclusion. The 
world is a better, safer place because of the debates and discussions
held on this 

Kind Regards

Timothy Parkes

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I fail to see how the mailing list cannot be considered to be useful
even if you do not add thoughts of your own. Is it not possible to learn
something new by simply listening (or reading in this case)? I know many
people who simply read the listings and consider it useful for that
reason alone.

On 16/12/2009, at 2:33 PM, Tombs, David wrote:

> I'm afraid I'm coming round to Chris Johnson's view. This morning I 
> found an inbox-full of the usual names, in earnest debate on the 
> language of argument.
> How can we bring different voices to the mailing list?
> Apologies for adding more heat and noise, David
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> Subject: RE: [sc] Civility of discourse in the Safety-Critical  
> Systems Engineering Community
> I still have the lingering suspicion that this list is used as a  
> playground by some people.
> I only recommend it to my students as form of light relief - this is  
> a source of some regret to me as it could be much more useful to the  
> community.
> All the best,
>  Chris.
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