RE: [sc] cost of software safety for non-human-rated missions

RE: [sc] cost of software safety for non-human-rated missions

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Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 14:19:18 -0700
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JPL D-26303 "Handbook for Software Cost Estimation" suggests selecting
COCOMO II parameters for "high financial loss," giving an increase of
10%, but is only one opinion.

I agree that the relative costs you suggest seem reversed; the report is
certainly dated.


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I have somewhere a NASA report analysing the cost of developing software
for space missions.  It quotes separate costs for manned and unmanned
spaceflight and breaks the costs down by development phase.  

I say "somewhere" since I cannot find my copy right now, so I am quoting
from memory.  The report dates from the mid-1980s, so the figures should
be adjusted for inflation.  

The total costs were $1000 for unmanned missions, and $700 - $800 for
manned spaceflight, per line of code.  "Total" includes all phases,
including testing and (I think) maintenance.  

The difference is interesting, particularly that it is that way round.  
Sorry that I cannot supply more detail, but finding my copy would
require an archaeological excavation.  



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> This forum addressed estimating the cost of system safety activities 
> in the 2001 thread "Cost of independant safety monitor", with examples

> from civil aircraft and US DoD projects.
> In the US, NASA may require a software safety program for missions 
> where hardware, not crew, is at risk. Does anyone have experience with

> estimating the cost of /software/ safety activities for this kind of 
> development? What is the increment over missions without a software 
> safety program? How does the increment divide between software 
> development and software quality assurance?
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