RE: "Certified" Code Generator

RE: "Certified" Code Generator

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Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 13:56:16 +0100
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I agree, but I think you missed the point. I made this comment because I agree with PBL's premise that simple statistical observation won't give us a useful answer to the question of reliability. PBL jumped in off the deep end with the billions of years, but even the more optimistic position still doesn't give us a useful answer. 

My conclusion ... Simple observation of statistical events won't do anything beyond offering to disprove the claim if the claim is wrong by several orders of magnitude. Therefore, if we want to consider using software at all in these type of systems, and economically we (society) clearly do, we need to approach the problem in a different way.


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Observing Airbus's fleet for (sufficient) thousands of years would provide
evidence that their avionics software (if unmodified for all this time) had
10^-9 pfh.

It would tell you nothing about the pfh of the code generator, on other
source code or for other applications.


Martyn Thomas

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> When they have used it for a billion years, I think that would
> count as good evidence.

Airbus have an operational fleet of thousands of aircraft, flying thousands
of hours per year. You should only need to observe them for thousands of
years to begin to be statistically significant. Having said that, the oil to
keep them going probably won't last that long, even if the aircraft do.



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