RE: [sc] compiler and scripting language validation

RE: [sc] compiler and scripting language validation

From: Rod Chapman ^lt;rod.chapman@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu 13 Apr 2006 - 14:10:26 BST
Message-ID: <FE9BBC7565566346B5BB591F924FA1890172066F@xxxxxx>
>  * SCADE includes technology for proof of assertions. The 
> assertions are directly derived from the requirements. From 
> my understanding, this is a more powerful assertion prover 
> than the SPARC equivalent. (I will be interested in any 
> specific contradiction or support for this opinion).

This is news to us...Are you referring to the
SCADE "Design Verifier" product?  Esterel's
web-site here:

makes many claims, and includes a note in small print:

"SCADE Design Verifier is based on the Prover Plug-In. Prover Plug-In is
a trademark of Prover Techbology AB..."

I am not familiar with this technology.  Can anyone shed any light
on its expressive power, decideability etc etc?

 - Rod's SPARK not SPARC (the latter is a vigorously defended trademark... :-) )


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