Re: [sc] compiler and scripting language validation

Re: [sc] compiler and scripting language validation

From: Peter B. Ladkin ^lt;ladkin@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed 12 Apr 2006 - 14:33:07 BST
Message-ID: <443D0193.3080607@xxxxxx>
I concur in general with Derek's description of what "validating a compiler"
is supposed to mean. The question is what it might bring you.

I think there is substantial opinion, if not consensus, that the only 
common language
for which there is available a half-way decent validation suite is Ada.

For a bunch of reasons why a validation suite for a C compiler cannot
tell you much, see Les Hatton's book Safer C. Maybe also various papers 
on his
WWW site. For a couple of general, but unanswerable, reasons why
"validating" a C compiler doesn't help with the main problems in using C,
see Peter Amey's slides IEC 61508-conformant Software Development
With Spark, on the Bieleschweig Workshops WWW site (5th Bieleschweig
Workshop, April 2005). Peter's comments apply mutatis mutandis to other 
with similar features.


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