RE: [sc] DTI Call for bids: Validation of Complex Systems

RE: [sc] DTI Call for bids: Validation of Complex Systems

From: Martyn Thomas ^lt;martyn@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon 06 Jun 2005 - 11:39:19 BST
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The value of theory is that it informs practice!

They are asking for practical platforms to validate systems that are (by
definition) too complex to analyse. We know that there is only one possible
approach that can yield sound results: statistical testing in the
operational environment. We know how much evidence can be obtained at what
levels of effort. Building validation platforms doesn't seem a useful
approach. Far better to recognise that if you can't analyse a system, you'll
never be able to validate its properties.


Martyn Thomas

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> 30m to build experimental platforms to demonstrate solutions
> that go beyond
> the well-understood theoretical limits? This seems to be a
> programme founded
> on a poor understanding of science. I predict disappointment.
I just feel I should point out that the words "Theoretical" and "Theory" do
not appear in the call, so I'm not sure what you are on about. The call is
quite clear: This is about "Validation of Complex Systems", where complex
systems are defined as
"combinations of "components", devices
or operations whose behaviour cannot be understood
or easily predicted from the characteristics of their
component parts due to the sheer size and range
of interactions involved in the system."

This is quite clearly different from working outside "well-understood
theoretical limits".

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