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Research in HISE focuses on a range of topics in the development, analysis and justification of safety-critical and security-critical systems. Current areas of research activity include:

  • Safety Analysis and Failure Modelling
  • Systems of Systems Analysis and Justification
  • Formal Software Development
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Systems and Software Architecture
  • Safety Case Development
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Security
  • Testing

Further details of current research projects in these areas can be found here.

At present, the main area of application for our work is the aerospace industry. The four principal research projects within the group are directly funded by industry: BAE SYSTEMS funds the Dependable Computing Systems Centre (DCSC); Rolls-Royce plc funds the University Technology Centre in Systems and Software Engineering (UTC) and other associated activities; the DTI, MOD and EPSRC jointly fund the Defence and Aerospace Research Partnership in High Integrity Real Time Systems (DARP). We also have links with other leading aerospace companies, including Airbus, Smiths Aerospace and TRW.

HISE is also a key contributor to the Circus project. Circus combines Z and CSP with a refinement calculus to support development of state-rich reactive systems. The development of Circus started in 2000 as a result of collaborative work with the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil. Since, then we have had the enthusiastic support of many collaborators from around the world (Ireland, Macau, Brazil) and from British industry. Together, we have investigated both the theoretical underpinnings of integrated refinement languages and its applications. QinetiQ supports the Circus project as an industrial collaborator.

In addition to our work with the aerospace sector, HISE has been involved in projects with the automotive, railway signalling, telecommunications and nuclear power industries. Our collaborators have included Daimler-Chrysler, National Air Traffic Services (NATS), IBM, Logica, Nortel Networks, Praxis Critical Systems. More recent projects have been undertaken with High-Integrity Solutions (HIS), SEA Limited and QinetiQ. We also work with research groups in several Universities, most notably Newcastle upon Tyne, Sheffield and Queensland.