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Headstart Course


The Headstart Focus course on Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of York aims to communicate the challenges of and approaches to industrial scale software development. It explains the principles of developing embedded software used to control engineered systems, for example in cars and aircraft.

The course is intended to give the students a flavour of life in York and particularly living on the University Campus. First hand experience and advice is offered by the student helpers who reside with the Headstart students in campus accommodation.

The course introduces

  • Quantum Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence and its applications
  • Security & Cryptology
  • Safety Critical Systems
  • Introduction to Programming using ALICE

In addition students will also be involved in:

  1. hands-on projects using a programming language e.g. the building and programming of a robot using lego and Quicksort software language
  2. demonstrations of modern software engineering tools
  3. lectures on aspects of computer science and software engineering
  4. application of working systems
  5. visit to a Campus 'Smart House'
  6. social activities e.g. taking part in one of the famous "ghost tours" of York

Departmental staff are available to offer advice on degree courses, university application procedures and career opportunities. The course also includes tours of the university campus and facilities. Student helpers are on hand to assist with project work