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Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Introduction to Education Activities by HISE

The HISE group offers a range of educational activities that come under the banner of Continued Professional Development (CPD). CPD is the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional duties throughout working life. Five major types of CPD can be identified. These are:

1. Formal Education and Short-Courses
  • Such activities include formal classroom, distance education and short-courses. They will always include time spent in preparation and follow-up, either through lectures or self study activities and will always involve some form of assessment.
2. Learning Activities
  • Generally this type of professional development is self-directing and can include: non-assessed domain related courses offered by education and learning institutions, professional bodies and employers, professional events such as Special Interest Groups or professional training organised through the course of employment.
3. Conferences
  • Attending conferences can be claimed as CPD provided that the content relates to the development of the attendees professional career.
4. Presentation of Papers
  • Preparation and presentation of conference, symposia and seminars if they conducted beyond normal employment.
5. Service to the nominated Profession
  • Service to the profession is often allowable particularly where it contributes to the continuing professional development of others.

The HISE group offers CPD activities of types 1 and 2. A number of students have also used the work undertaken at York as the basis for CPD activities of types 3 and 4. We specialise in CPD in System Safety Engineering (SSE) and Safety Critical Systems Engineering (SCSE), including software issues. Our portfolio of high quality and industrially relevant education activities boasts:

  • Tailored CPD short-courses for individual industrial clients
  • Public short-courses for SSE engineers
  • Postgraduate Part-time Formal Qualification Courses

The aim of the HISE CPD education activities is to renew, refresh and extend the understanding of safety engineers of the discipline of system safety engineering. To this end, we present many of the ideas of classical safety engineering as well as dealing explicitly with the new issues raised by the widespread use of computers in safety related applications.

The CPD activities provided by the HISE group are accredited with the BCS and the IEEE.