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Dependability Network programme (DepNet) - providing the basis for a coherent programme of research activities in compositional safety analysis and verification, and system modelling. We demonstrate how to determine what safety property a system satisfies given the safety properties satisfied by its constituent components.

The notion of modularity and composition of systems, in terms of the underlying technology, is inspired by the concept of domains - this denote a grouping of components that share common properties. Domains form the basis for building Domain Specific Design Model (DSDM), Domain Specific Failure Models (DSFM) and Domain Wide Failure Models (DWFM).

This focus is motivated by practical experience obtained through work in ESACS and ISSAC projects. This experience showed the feasibility and the benefits of defining a methodology dedicated to building and analysing dynamic failure propagation models and automating safety assessment of complex systems.

We plan to build on previous work, but to also study a deeper underlying issue – what the right balance is between human involvement and automation. It is attractive to think that automation is the ultimate goal however it takes a “closed world” view i.e. the analysis implicitly assumes that everything relevant is contained in the model.