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Strand 3 - Measurement and Management of HIRTS


Strand 3 research, based in the Department of Management Studies, has the objective of developing methods and tools to support management aspects of HIRTS projects. Work will build on past research on the Process Engineering Language (PEL), which provides fine-grained measurement of the effort deployed on projects.

Research will seek to develop approaches to the measurement of technical achievement arising from such activity. This objective amounts to seeking a means of measuring and managing product maturity, or readiness, in the context of concurrent engineering projects. A complementary, fine-grained approach is sought, enabling improvements in the assessment of productivity, estimation, planning, decision support and organisational learning. The research strategy seeks to bring together language-based measurement, quality management techniques and performance management, and focus their application onto critical areas of technical management arising on HIRTS projects.

Research is motivated by perceived weaknesses in current specialty management practice, weaknesses which, it is hypothesized, lie behind many of the problems arising on projects today. Furthermore, future systems, as being investigated by DARP Strands 1 and 2, are expected to present more rapidly changing, less predictable and more distributed development and operational environments. Management approaches are sought which can meet these challenges.