SmallCheck and Lazy SmallCheck

Colin Runciman, Matthew Naylor, and Fredrik Lindblad


Documentation A paper published at the 2008 Haskell Symposium
Colin's Talk Given at the Haskell Symposium, September 2008
Matt's Talk Given at Fun in the Afternoon, November 2007
SmallCheck The SmallCheck software distribution
Lazy SmallCheck The Lazy SmallCheck software distribution
Standalone A single-module version of Lazy SmallCheck
Generic An experimental Data.Generics version of Lazy SmallCheck
Benchmarks Example properties to compare SmallCheck and Lazy SmallCheck

Known Limitations

Lazy SmallCheck currently does not provide the existential quantification and function generation features of SmallCheck.

Using Hugs, Lazy SmallCheck sometimes produces a "control stack overflow". This is due to a bug in the implementation of exception handling in Hugs, which will be fixed in the next release of Hugs. GHC does not suffer from this problem.