nhc13 from York

nhc13 is Niklas Rojemo's compiler for Haskell, the standard lazy functional programming language (language version 1.3).

Note: nhc13 has now been superseded by nhc98

General information about nhc13

Why use the York release of nhc13?
Current release status of nhc13.
Previous release history.
Included libraries.
Implementation limits (e.g. table sizes etc.).
Known bugs.
Future developments.
Copyright information.

Getting and using nhc13

Instructions to download and install nhc13.
Current release status of nhc13.
Configuration options - using the nhc13config script.
Compile-time options - using the nhc13 compiler.
Runtime-time options - using programs compiled by nhc13.
Error messages - understanding why things sometimes go wrong.
Using the hmake compilation tool.
Using the Haskell tracer.

York extensions

The Haskell tracer.
Included libraries.
The Bit library for bit-wise operations on machine words.
The York Binary library for heap compression and binary I/O.
The York BinArray library for imperative binary arrays.
The GreenCard preprocessor for calling C.
Using GreenCard with nhc13.
Extensions to GreenCard for calling Haskell from C.

Some of the information pages are still incomplete. If something confuses you, or you find an error, please mail me at Malcolm.Wallace@cs.york.ac.uk.

The latest updates to these pages are available on the WWW from http://www.cs.york.ac.uk/fp/nhc13/

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