Private Team Information


  1. Advanced Redex Trails: fully-fledged tracing technology for functional programs (project proposal), Colin Runciman.

  2. Comparison of Dependency-Based Debuggers for Lazy Functional Languages, Olaf Chitil.

  3. Incremental Archiving of Redex Trails, Colin Runciman.

  4. Problems with Numerics in Tracing with nhc98, Malcolm Wallace.

  5. Tracing List Comprehensions, Colin Runciman.

  6. Proposal for tracing primitive functions in nhc98 via the new FFI, Malcolm Wallace.

  7. A Semantics for Redex Trails, Olaf Chitil.

  8. The Adjoxo Experiments - Comparing Freja, Hood and Redex Trails, Colin Runciman.

  9. Towards a Portable Tracer, Olaf Chitil.

  10. The PsaCompiler Experiment, Olaf Chitil.

  11. Tracing at PLI 2000, Colin Runciman.

  12. The Redex Trail Transformation, Olaf Chitil.

  13. Portable File Archiving, Olaf Chitil.

  14. Hat File Format, Malcolm Wallace.

  15. Profiling Hat Tracer Files using Hat-Check, Colin Runciman

  16. APPs with SATs - A Key to Hat-Observe and Hat-Detect, Colin Runciman.

  17. Observing functions using hat-observe, Thorsten Brehm.

  18. The Trouble with Trusting - Part I: Unreachable Names, Colin Runciman.

  19. A Better Hat File Format, Olaf Chitil.

  20. Hat-Detect, Algorithmic Debugging for Hat, Thorsten Brehm.

  21. Trip Report - 2.8 Meeting, Colin Runciman.

  22. Mixing Traced and Untraced Computation, Colin Runciman.

  23. Trip Report - PLI 2001, Malcolm Wallace, Olaf Chitil.

  24. The July 2001 Tracing Fest, Colin Runciman.

  25. Trip Report - IFL 2001, Colin Runciman.

  26. Thoughts on Mixing Traced and Untraced Computation, Olaf Chitil.

  27. Pragmatics of an Augmented Redex Trail, Olaf Chitil.

  28. Trip Report - a week in Kiel, Olaf Chitil.

  29. Collected bugs and wishes from the Feb 2002 Trace-Fest, Colin Runciman

  30. Hat Tutorial: Part 1, The ART Team

  31. The Definition of the Augmented Redex Trail, Olaf Chitil

  32. Tracing I/O actions, Olaf Chitil

  33. The AFP Summer School Hat Wish List, Colin Runciman

  34. The Challenge of Transforming Trusted Code, Olaf Chitil

  35. Report on IFL2002, Olaf Chitil

  36. The Implementation of Hat-Trans, Olaf Chitil

  37. Bugs, wishes and comments noticed during the Freiburg trip 15-17 May 2002, Olaf Chitil

  38. Bugs, wishes and comments noticed during the Cambridge trip 30-31 May 2002, Olaf Chitil

  39. Limits of Redex Trails, Olaf Chitil

  40. The Collected List of Hat Bugs and Wishes, Colin Runciman

More to come ;-)

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