Required for building and using Auburn -------------------------------------- . A Haskell 1.3 or 1.4 compiler. (An interpreter may be used, but this limits the scope of benchmarking experiments.) Recommended for building and using Auburn ----------------------------------------- . A Haskell compiler with the Green Card extension, allowing Haskell to call C _and vice versa_. Note that presently, only nhc does this although soon it is hoped that a Green Card standard will be set up that does allow C to call Haskell. See the York FP web page for further details of nhc: . GNU make utility. The makefiles are written for GNU make because: - it is standard, unlike the many flavours of make found on many systems, - it is more powerful and easier to write makefiles for. It should be easy to download from any site containing GNU software, eg. in the UK, the SunSITE: . Perl (either version 4 or 5 should work). Some tools are provided with Auburn to make benchmarking experiments less tiresome. These are written in Perl. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install Auburn --------------------- 1) cd to the `src' directory and edit the GNUmakefile, setting such values as the name of the Haskell compiler, the directory to install the Auburn library in, etc. 2) Type `make'. Note that this should be GNU make. 3) If all goes well, no errors will be reported and you can now install the Auburn library and executables with `make install'. The executables include: - `auburn' generates the benchmarks (Haskell programs), - `auburnExp' places a GNUmakefile in the current directory to automate the making and compiling of benchmarks, - `makeDugs' generates dugs from profiles, - `evalDugs' evaluates dugs and records the times, - `processTimes' processes the times recorded by `evalDugs' into a presentable format, - `cleanDugs' removes all profiles and dugs from the current directory, according to the naming convention of the above utilities. The Auburn library includes: - the Haskell `.hs' source files, `.hi' interface files and `.o' object files required by the `auburn'-generated benchmarks, - a makefile `Experiment_GNUmakefile' that eases a lot of the burden of performing experiments using Auburn, this is the makefile used by `auburnExp'. 4) If all does not go well, please send an email to quoting: - the version of Auburn you are trying to make (this should be nested in the filename you downloaded and also written in the file `src/Version.hs'), - the version of `make' you are using (GNU make will give this with `make -v', remember that the makefiles will only work with GNU make), - which Haskell compiler you are using (including version number), and - the full output of `make' including the error message reported.