The Auburn Home Page

A Kit for Benchmarking Functional Data Structures

Version 2.4 of Auburn conforms to the Haskell'98 standard.

Version 2.3 of Auburn improves on version 1.0 by featuring:

This includes an INSTALL file that gives a list of what is needed or recommended for building and using Auburn.

For the best results, you will need a Haskell compiler with the ability to call Haskell from C (an extension to the Green Card extension!). The York nhc13 compiler does this, see the York FP web page for details of release.

Version 1.0 and Version 2.0a of Auburn are also available.

The thesis Benchmarking Purely Functional Data Structures uses Auburn version 2.3, some ADT implementations , and some real benchmarks.

The following papers also describe Auburn:


Known problems will be kept up-to-date. All problems that will not vanish with future releases (because the problem is say, compiler specific) are dealt with in more detail and either patches are provided in the Auburn distribution or manual work-arounds are given.