DrIFT is Noel Winstanley's utility for deriving instances of Haskell classes. This site used to host a version of DrIFT patched to build with Haskell'98 compilers, which also had additional rules for deriving the classes Binary and Haskell2Xml.

John Meacham has now taken over maintenance of DrIFT, including our York extensions, so the version hosted here is now obsolete.

The current version of DrIFT (v2.0), hosted by John Meacham, is here:

Our patched source code for DrIFT (v1.1), Haskell'98 compliant, but now obsolete, is here:

The original DrIFT (v1.0) website, with documentation, is here:

Info about the additional classes for which we have added derivations is here:

Last update: 2003.03.06