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Fraudulent Benefit claims are a huge problem. The UK Government loses up to £7 billion in mispaid Benefits [BA]. Detecting bogus claims amongst the immense number of overall claims is a complex and time-consuming task. The FEDAURA Project will develop and evaluate new computerised methods for automated Benefit fraud detection. The FEDAURA Project will combine techniques from Statistics, Neural Networks and Machine Learning to produce fraud detection technologies using large-scale Benefit Claimant data sets. The FEDAURA Project will:

The FEDAURA Project will be supported by the DTI Management of Information Programme and the EPSRC (Grant No. GR/R55191/01) and will last for 36 months from 1st November 2001. The participating companies are:

[BA] BA internal Command paper, March 1999, A New Contract for Welfare: Safeguarding Social Security.
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