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The European Union Statistical Office



ETK ’2001 – NTTS ’2001: ETK ’2001, the second International seminar on the Exchange of Technology and Know-how and the fourth  NTTS seminar, New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics, will be held jointly in Crete from 18 to 22 June 2001.

UN/ECE Meetings

Work session on statistical data editing (Helsinki, 27-29 May 2002).

Many useful papers, including a glossary of terms (see item 2 in the list) are available for download from:

UN/ECE Meeting on Statistical Data Editing in Rome 2-4 June, 1999.


More useful papers are available from the webpage for the following UNECE meeting (which was held in held in Cardiff, UK from 18-20 October, 2000):

UN/ECE Meeting on Statistical Data Editing in Cardiff 18-20, 2000.

Knowledge Base 

A knowledge base on statistical data editing:



Below is a link to the website for the AUTIMP project : 

AUTIMP: AUTomatic IMPutation Methods and Software for Business Surveys and Population Censuses.


CHINTEX: The Change from Input Harmonisation to Ex-post Harmonisation in National Samples of the European Community Household Panel – Implications on Data Quality – a research project in the field of official statistics funded by the European Commission.

Euredit Partners

Links to Euredit partners websites:

UK Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Royal Holloway College University of London, Department of Computer Science.
University of York, Department of Computer Science.
University of Southampton, Department of Social Statistics.
Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Ltd.
Statistics Netherlands (CBS).
Statistics Finland.
University of Jyväskylä, Department of Mathematical Information Technology.
Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO).
Quantaris GmbH.
Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT).
Statistics Denmark.
Svein Nordbotten.