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Model-based Dependability-driven System Design Using HiP-HOPS

Prof. Yiannis Papadopoulos
Department of Computer Science, University of Hull
13:30 - 14:30, 24/3/2014, CSE/082

In the current practice, the dependability of a system is often left to emerge or not at very late stages of product development. In this seminar I show how Hierarchically Performed Hazard Origin and Propagation Studies (HiP-HOPS) - an advanced dependability analysis technique and tool - can be used to facilitate a dependability-driven design process that is well supported from early stages of design. HiP-HOPS facilitates the allocation of dependability requirements in the course of a rational refinement of the design, supports architectural decisions about the level and type of fault tolerance, and provides evidence that system dependability requirements have been met. The seminar focuses on recent features including:

  • Recursive automatic allocation of dependability requirements to subsystems and components of an evolving architecture
  • Assessment of combinations and sequences of faults in fault trees and FMEAs
  • Architecture and maintenance optimisation via application of automatic model transformations
  • Application of HiP-HOPS in conjunction with languages for model-driven design
I will summarise these developments, demonstrate application on small examples and discuss current and future projects.