Welcome to FAMES 2013!

In today's ever-changing economies and societies, networked IT systems providing services in key domains ranging from healthcare and transportation to banking and e-commerce have to evolve to keep up with change. New digital services emerge every day from start-up companies all over the world, and existing companies have to evolve their services and IT infrastructure to maintain competitiveness. However, operating and managing assemblies of diverse and heterogeneous systems that change their configuration rapidly and dynamically poses great challenges. Virtualization technology including virtual machines and software-defined networks make the configuration of these systems even more complex and dynamic.

A promising approach to overcoming the significant and growing challenges in the management of evolving systems is to complement their administrators technical skills with automated or advisory system management tools that use mathematically-based techniques to select or suggest suitable configurations and operating modes. These formal approaches to managing evolving systems identify effective configurations for an evolving system by analyzing historical and real-time system data in conjunction with mathematical models of its workload, state and available configurations.

The FAMES workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, to explore the use of mathematically-based formal approaches in addressing the challenges of managing evolving systems and services. We are seeking submissions describing original, unpublished research results, work in progress, position statements, case studies and tools. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following aspects of managing evolving systems:

  • Formal approaches to autonomic system management
  • Verification and validation of evolving systems
  • Formal analysis of system management workflows
  • Policy-based control and parameter configuration for evolving systems
  • Formal techniques for operation procedure synthesis
  • Configuration change management
  • Resource optimization for dynamic workloads
  • Big data analysis for evolving system operation and management
  • Formal approaches to fault diagnosis in heterogeneous systems
  • Performance modeling and analysis for evolving systems
  • Real-time event processing in system management
  • Dynamic datacenter network configuration
  • Business dynamics and system evolution
  • Crowdsourcing for effective system management
  • Adaptive cloud computing infrastructure

Important Dates

Paper submission
Friday 4th Jan 2013
Friday 18th Jan 2013
Author notification
Monday 18th Feb 2013
Final version due
Friday 1st Mar 2013


Mike Hinchey will give the FAMES-2013 keynote
FAMES-2013 on-line submission open
FAMES-2013 website launched