First International Workshop on Combining Modelling with Search- and Example-Based Approaches

MODELS 2014 satellite event
Sunday 28th September, 2014

NEWS: Deadline extended to the 18th July!


Models are an abstraction of a problem under scrutiny and have been crucial components in engineering disciplines for millennia. They play a central role in all aspects of software engineering. The fundamental premise behind approaches and methodologies to software engineering that exploit modelling is that raising the level of abstraction at which a system is developed enables the creation of the large-scale and complex software systems being produced today.

Search-based software engineering (SBSE) is a software development practice which focuses on couching software engineering problems as optimisation problems and utilising metaheuristic techniques to discover near optimal solutions to those problems. SBSE has been applied to a wide variety of engineering problems, including requirements management, software testing and capability management.

Examples play a key role in the human learning process. There exist numerous theories on learning styles in which examples are used. Thus the idea of using examples to derive programs has a long tradition in computer science. Like many other domains of software engineering, the modelling community is currently concerned with the use of examples, such as traceability information and different kind of models, to search for solutions that fall within a specified acceptance margin to solve specific problems.

We believe that SBSE approaches and example-based approaches to software engineering offer innovate ways in which to better discover, manage, and evaluate models in software engineering. Furthermore, we believe that the example-based and SBSE communities would benefit from state-of-the-art modelling practices in order to evaluate, compare, and improve different example-based and search techniques.

The goal of this workshop is to discover opportunities for different ways SBSE and example-based techniques can be combined with modelling, and aims to stimulate research in this area. Additionally, we feel that the time is right for a community-growing workshop such as this, in order to foster relationships between the search, example and modelling communities.


09:00-09:05Welcome remarks
09:05-10:05 Keynote: Benoit Baudy (University of Rennes): "Searching models for proactive software diversification”
10:05-10:30 D. Efstathiou et al: "Crepe Complete: Multi-objective Optimization for Your Models"
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-11:20 G. Bergmann et al: "Graph Query by Example"
11:20-11:40 K. Vanherpen et al: "Design-Space Exploration in MDE: an initial Pattern Catalogue"
11:40-12:00 J. Antonio Parejo Maestre et al: "EXEMPLAR: an Experimental Information Repository for SBSE Research"
12:00-12:20 V. Acretoaie et al: "Efficient Model Querying with VMQL"
12:20-12:30 Wrap-up

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