University of York Data Dive

The first ever University of York Data Dive, organised by the Digital Creativity Labs, the Science & Technology Studies Unit and the City of York Council, will offer a fascinating opportunity to delve into the Open Data collected by the City of York, meet with other community groups and York game developers, and design and rapidly prototype innovative apps and games of your own!

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The City of York Council collects a huge amount of data on the city, from from graffiti to average rent, free wifi to recycling, and Ofsted ratings to overdue library books.

This wealth of data has the potential to radically affect public engagement, but teams of motivated and innovative individuals with a range of skills and interests are needed to unlock the data’s true potential. The York Data Dive will allow anyone and everyone with an interest in community participation, data analytics and game design, to engage with the Open Data Platform and create something new! Entrants will work in design teams led by non-programmers and rapidly build exciting apps, games and software that allow the public to explore the City of York through open data.

The best ideas will be considered by the Council for use within the City. Participants will also find out about the Digital Creativity Labs, which forges creative partnerships between technical and non-technical experts, and have an opportunity to get involved with EPISODE, an open data game being developed by the Labs and the Department of Sociology. The event will build partnerships between communities, designers and the council, and forge a new design community around public engagement with open data. We therefore invite you to bring along your laptops and some great ideas, and see what exciting new games and apps can be developed in the space of just a couple of days!

Draft Schedule:

Friday 15th July

1530-1600: Coffee, snacks, networking

1600-1615: Introductory talk from Dr Mark R Johnson and Dr Darren Reed (University of York)

1615-1630: Introductory talk from Ian Cunningham (City of York Council)

1630-1830: Attendees introduce themselves, initial group formation and discussion, project drafts

1830-Late: Dinner

Saturday 16th July

1000-1030: Recap on previous day, welcome to new attendees, introductions for projects formed on Friday, formation/growth of new groups, introduction to Episode project.

1030-1230: First design/coding session

1230-1330: Lunch break

1330-1730: Second design/coding session

1730-1830: Order Pizza

1830-Late: Third design/coding session

Sunday 17th July

1000-1030: Recap on event

1030-1130: Presentations from attendees on their projects

1130-?: Feedback, discussion, reflections, networking