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July 2005 - DAME Collaboration with the World-Wide University Network (WUN) results in deployment of DAME distributed search technology for a WUNGrid demonstrator in the area of medical ECG analysis.  Press Release

April 2005 - Industrial exploitation of DAME technology will be ensured through the successful Rolls-Royce led bid for a DTI Technology Programme project within the Inter-Enterprise Computing sector.  The project, entitled BROADEN, will facilitate Rolls-Royce and its IT provider EDS, to build an Rolls-Royce Grid network that will permit DAME technology to be deployed on an industrial scale.

October 2004 - DAME will be one of the projects showcasing the results of the UK e-Science programme on the DTI/EPSRC booth hosted at the exhibition of Super-Computing Conference 2004, Philadelphia, US.

July 2004 - DAME will be featured in a forthcoming IEEE Special Issue on Grid Computing.

June 2004 - DAME was invited to give a keynote talk at the CLADE workshop held in conjunction with the High Performance Distributed Computing conference, Hawaii 2004 (HPDC-13).  DAME opened the focused workshop and gave a live demonstration of the demonstrator portal, deployed over the White Rose Grid.

DAME Open Day - The DAME project held a full one day technical workshop for the e-Science community in conjunction with the White Rise Grid Open day, March18-19th 2004.  Presentations can be downloaded

November 2003 - DAME has a chapter in the second edition of the Grid Book, edited by Foster and Kessleman

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  • Computing Weekly, June 2002


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