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DAME is an e-Science pilot project, demonstrating the use of the GRID to implement a distributed decision support system for deployment in maintenance applications and environments.

It is funded by the EPSRC under the UK e-Science programme, and is one of six EPSRC projects launched in the first phase of e-Science funding.

DAME will demonstrate how the GRID and web services (based on OGSA) can facilitate the design and development of systems for diagnosis and maintenance applications which combine geographically distributed resources and data within a localised decision support system.

A summary publicity flyer is available for download in PDF format.

The EPSRC 2004 DAME brochure is also available for download


Academic Collaborators.  

University of York

Prof. Jim Austin,
Prof. Andy Wellings
Prof. John McDermid

University of Leeds

Prof. Peter Dew
Dr. Karim Djemame
Dr. Alison McKay

Oxford University

Prof. Lionel Tarassenko


Sheffield University

Prof. Peter Fleming
Dr. Haydn Thompson


Main Commercial Collaborators:


Associated Companies:

Contact Information

For further information in regard to the DAME project, please contact the Project Coordinator: Dr Tom Jackson.

     +44 01904 433382
    +44 01904 432767

Postal address
Department of Computer Science,
University of York
York, YO10 5DD

Electronic mail
Email: tom.jackson@cs.york.ac.uk


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