CVPR group facilities

We are lucky to have access to two purpose-built laboratories (featured towards the end of this video). One is a darkroom for conducting experiments involving controlled illumination such as in physics-based vision research. The other is a natural light environment housing a 3D laser scanner and spaces to conduct experiments in a controlled environment. We have two dedicated group GPU servers and access to larger departmental and university GPU servers including the new Viking Cluster.


We have a range of equipment including 8 digital SLR cameras, machine vision cameras, light sources, depth cameras, optical bench etc. Some specific examples of our equipment are shown below.

Our lightstage comprising a geodesic dome of polarised LEDs with individually controllable brightness.

Cyberware 3030PS 3D laser scanner.

Spectroradiometer for measuring light source spectral power distribution.

Monochromator for selecting single wavelengths from a light source. Can be used for spectral calibration of a camera.