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ClawCircus is a collection of Java-based tools with the primary function of generating Circus models from Simulink diagrams. They include the Circus Producer ― a tool that fully automates the translation from Simulink to Circus. Beyond this, ClawCircus is also a library of reusable components that forms the basis for the development of further tools that facilitate or extends the use of ClawZ, in particular within the scope and objectives of the "Programming From Control Laws" research project.

A prototype of the ClawCircus library can be downloaded as a gzipped tar file using the following links.

Note that at present we only support compilation under the Linux operating system. Compilation requires make to be available, and in order to run the Circus Producer we also assume nedit, latex and xdvi to be installed. We are currently working on a version that will also compile and effectively be usable under Windows. For instructions on compilation and use see the README.txt file in the archives.

The most recent version of the sources can be accessed via the following subversion repository:

The Circus Producer was presented in a paper "Mechanised Translation of Control Laws Diagrams into Circus" at iFM 2009.



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