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Control Law Diagrams

Control law diagrams are routinely used by engineers in the design of control systems. Yet, the analysis of their implementations is achallenge. We propose to provide

  1. a semantics for discrete-time control diagrams to capture both their functionality and inherent concurrency;
  2. a refinement technique to support development and verification of implementations of diagrams;
  3. refinement strategies and laws tailored for the diagrams models and implementations;
  4. automated support for the application of the refinement techniques.

We plan to use Circus and to reuse existing industrial tools that produce partial models of discrete-time block diagrams using Z and CSP independently. By using a combined language, we can cover a more comprehensive diagrammatic notation. Moreover, the Circus refinement theory is a sound basis for the definition of reasoning and development techniques. We propose to carry out the scientific ground work for building a tool that produces complete models of diagrams, and supports certification of their implementations.

What we propose is a novel application of refinement techniques of program development: implementation of control law diagrams. By giving Circus model to control law diagrams, we provide a strategy to generate Circus specifications for the implementations. The structure of the specifications will follow regular patterns, which we can exploit: specialised refinement rules can be used to develop implementations and reason about diagrams. Their specialised nature favours a much higher degree of automation than that achieved using general techniques. Much of the formality is made invisible. More detailed information refers to publications and tools.


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