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Jim Austin

Land Line: 01904 325629
Mobile: 07789 487841

Prof. Austin has been working in neural networks for most of his academic career. In 1982 he undertook a BSc in neurobiology at Sussex University, following this he moved to Brunel University where he undertook a PhD in neural networks, In 1986 he then moved to York to work in neural networks, computer vision and advanced architectures. His motivation for research has always been driven from a fascination with the human brain and how it works. He now works in the application of neural inspired architectures in Computer Science. This had lead him into many areas, including eScience, fast scalable search engines, biometrics etc. In 2000 he started to work on distributed computing solutions incorporating neural network based analysis, working with Rolls-Royce initially then on a number of projects that allow academics and companies share data and software on the cloud, these resulted in the CARMEN and youShare platforms.

His interest in computer architectures comes from a childhood interest in radios, machines and how things work. He now constructs machines based on neural network principles to solve computationally hard problems.

In 2000 he set up a spin out from the group, Cybula Ltd. which takes what we have developed to market. (www.cybula.com).

He is also an avid collector of vintage computers, having one of the largest collections in the UK. (www.computermuseum.org.uk)

For my research pages please go to neural networks.

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