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Opportunities to join ACAG as a Research Fellow


How To Apply

Candidates wishing to be considered should send an expression of interest to in the first instance, we will then convene our group committee to consider your interest and then assist you with the application process. An expression of interest should include a CV, a covering letter explaining your reasons for wishing to apply, and an indication of the research topic areas of interest.

Current Opportunities:-

Open to any Post-doctoral candidate in a non-UK country, paying £24,000 living allowance, £8,000 research expenses allowance, and £2,000 relocation allowance. Duration at Host Institute 2 years, followed by up to 10 years of research sponsorship at £6,000 per year.

Open to any non EU national in the approved list of participating countries, providing funding for two years at the host plus a further year in the home country of the candidate.  Living and mobility allowances often exceed 60,000 euros per year, and there are additional funds for research activity and career development.

  • ERC Advanced Grants  Funding of up to 2.5 million Euros for up to 5 years of research at the host institution. 

Due to the strategic nature of this fellowship, there is a possibility of investigating a permanent appointment in the department, at the University's discretion. 

  • ERC STARTING GRANTS Funding of up to 1.5 million Euros for up to 5 years of research at the host institution.
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