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Dr. Simon O'Keefe is a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York and a member of the Advanced Computer Architecture Group and the Non-Standard Computation Research Group.

Career Outline

1986   BA University of Cambridge
1987  MSc Operational Research University of Lancaster
1987-92  Operational Research Analyst, HM Customs & Excise
1993  MSc Information Processing, University of York
 1998  PhD Computer Science, University of York
 1998-9  RA, Department of Computer Science University of York
 1999-  Lecturer in Computer Science, University of York 

Research interests 

My primary research interest is the study of neural networks and their application to a variety of problems. I have been involved in a number of projects in this area, including: 


The aims of this project were to: 

  • Develop a methodological evaluation framework and develop evaluation criteria for data editing and imputation 
  • Produce a standard collection of data sets 
  • Establish a baseline by evaluating currently used methods. 
  • Develop and evaluate a selected range of new techniques. 
  • Compare and evaluate the different methods and establish best methods for different types of data. 
  • Disseminate the best methods via a single computer package and publications. 


The aim of the FEDAURA Project was to develop and evaluate new computerised methods for automated Benefit fraud detection. The FEDAURA Project combined techniques from Statistics, Neural Networks and Machine Learning to produce fraud detection technologies using large-scale Benefit Claimant data sets. 

"Understanding the constraints on sex ratio adaptation in parasitoid wasps using artificial neural networks."

Funded by the BBSRC, this project is bsed in Biology with Peter Mayhew. 

Other Research Interests

I also have an interest in the use of unconventional techniques for the implementation of computation, incluing the use of reaction diffusion systems and simple mechanical systems.

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