Chris Crispin-Bailey

Lecturer Microelectronics Systems

Dr Chris Crispin-Bailey

Dr Chris Bailey is a Lecturer teaching Microelectronics and computer architecture topics with nearly 20 years in academic positions. 

Previously he worked at the University of Teesside for 7 years in various roles within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I was appointed as a Teaching Research Fellow in 1996 at Teesside, and subsequently as Senior Lecturer in 1997.

He has supervised 12 research degree candidates to date, and also led research teams on numerous projects.

Research areas include:

  • Novel processor architectures
  • Dark Silicon Utilisation
  • Stack machines
  • Code optimisation
  • Ubiquitous systems hardware
  • FPGA technologies.


Recent projects.

  • HIPIC (Higher Instruction Performance Implicit Computation), £30k 
  • AMADEUS, £440k, DTI Research Centre  
  • AMADEUS Consortia £3.2m (DTI Funded)
  • USE  (Ubiquitous System Explorer)
  • UDK  (Ubiquitous Developer Kit)
  • VIDEOWARE, £220k, Structured video processing H/W framework (Oct2004)
  • UFO, £70k, Ubiquitous Forth Objects 

Research Portfolio

Includes the past role of  Directorship of the DTI-funded AMADEUS Virtual Research Centre, hosted by the University of York, with a budget of over £3 million.


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