Suraj Pandey Opinion Analysis through Constraint Optimisation MRes Suresh Manandhar 2013
Waleed Alsanie Learning Failure-free PRISM Programs PhD James Cussens 2012
Adel Aloraini Extending the Graphical Representation of four KEGG Pathways for a Better Understanding of Prostate Cancer Using Machine Learning of Graphical models PhD James Cussens 2011
Santa Basnet Unsupervised morpheme segmentation in a non-parametric Bayesian framework MRes Suresh Manandhar 2011
Burcu Can Statistical Models for Unsupervised Learning of Morphology and POS Tagging PhD Suresh Manandhar 2011
Azniah Ismail Minimally Supervised Techniques for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction PhD Suresh Manandhar 2011
Shuguang Li Beyond Question Answering: Understanding the Information Need of the User PhD Suresh Manandhar 2011
Ahmad Shahid Extraction of Linguistic Resources from Multilingual Corpora and their Exploitation PhD Dimitar Kazakov 2011
Marek Grzes Improving Exploration in Reinforcement Learning through Domain Knowledge and Parameter Analysis PhD Daniel Kudenko 2010
Rania Hodhod Adaptive Narrative Based Educational System to Teach in Ill Defined Domains PhD Daniel Kudenko 2010
Yannis Korkontzelos Unsupervised Learning of Multiword Expressions PhD Suresh Manandhar 2010
Ioannis Klapaftis Unsupervised Concept Hierarchy Induction: Learning the Semantics of Words PhD Suresh Manandhar 2009
Arturo Servin Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Intrusion Detection PhD Daniel Kudenko 2009
Bartosz Ziolko Speech Recognition of Highly Inflective Languages PhD Suresh Manandhar, Richard Wilson 2009
Rayner Alfred A Data Summarisation Approach to Knowledge Discovery PhD Dimitar Kazakov 2008
Pierre Andrews Persuasive Computer Dialogue: Improving Human-Computer Communication PhD Suresh Manandhar 2008
Heather Barber Generator of Adaptive Dilemma-based Interactive Narratives PhD Daniel Kudenko 2008
Bernadette Martinez Hernandez The Systematic Generation Of Channelled Models In Constraint Satisfaction PhD Alan Frisch 2008
Matthew Grounds Scaling-up Reinforcement Learning using Parallelization and Symbolic Planning PhD Daniel Kudenko 2007
Christopher Jefferson Representations in Constraint Programming PhD Alan Frisch 2007
Silvia Quarteroni Advanced Techniques For Personalized, Interactive Question Answering PhD Suresh Manandhar 2007
Enda Ridge Design of Experiments for the Tuning of Optimisation Algorithms PhD Daniel Kudenko 2007
I-Hsien (Derrick) Ting Closing the KDD loop to Improve Website Design PhD Daniel Kudenko 2007
Heather Turner A Framework for Designing Multi-Level Emergence PhD Susan Stepney, Dimitar Kazakov 2007
Mark Bartlett Language As An Exaptation: Simulating The Origin Of Syntax PhD Dimitar Kazakov 2006
Lyndon Drake Combining Inference and Backtracking Search for the Propositional Satisfiability Problem PhD Alan Frisch 2005
Jose-Luis Jara-Valencia Generic Named Entity Extraction PhD Suresh Manandhar 2005
Zoe Lock Performance and Flexibility of Stereotype-based User Models PhD Daniel Kudenko 2005
Joanna Moy Word Order and Case in Models of Simulated Language Evolution PhD Suresh Manandhar 2005
Dan Sheridan Temporal Logic Encodings for SAT-based Bounded Model Checking (Awarded by the University of Edinburgh) PhD Paul Jackson, Toby Walsh 2005
Marco De Boni Relevance in Open Domain Question Answering : Theoretical Framework and Application PhD Suresh Manandhar 2004
Spiros Kapetanakis Independent Learning of Coordination in Cooperative Single-Stage Games PhD Daniel Kudenko 2004
Enrique Alfonseca Learning of Lexical Relations PhD Suresh Manandhar 2003
Heather Maclaren A Divide and Conquer Approach to using Inductive Logic Programming for Learning User Models PhD James Cussens 2003
Jonathan Pickering Intelligent Camera Planning for Computer Graphics PhD Patrick Olivier, Suresh Manandhar 2002
Stephen Watkinson Learning Natural Language Syntax PhD Suresh Manandhar 2002
Yuan Zuan Randomisation and Restarts on a State-of-the-Art SAT Solver — SATZ MSc Alan Frisch 2002
Alistair Willis An Efficient Treatment of Quantification in Underspecified Semantic Representations PhD Suresh Manandhar 2001
Nicolas Halper Camera Planning for Polyhedral Worlds MEng Patrick Olivier 1999
Chris Kilgour Atom Type Classification for Empirical Molecular Interaction Potentials using Inductive Logic Programming MSc James Cussens 1999
Tony Griffiths Inductive Generalisation in Case-Based Reasoning Systems PhD Derek Bridge 1996
Miles Osborne Learning Unification-Based Natural Language Grammars PhD Derek Bridge 1995
Khalid Khan The Complexity of Machine Learning PhD Stephen Muggleton

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