Learning Language in Logic (LLL05)

Challenge task: Extracting Relations from Bio-medical Texts

ICML05 workshop, 7 August 2005, Bonn, Germany

Endorsed by FoLLI

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The workshop proceedings are now available as a single PDF file.

Workshop schedule

0900-0930Arrival, welcome and practical information
0930-1000Rule Meta-learning for Trigram-Based Sequence Processing
Sander Canisius, Antal van den Bosch and Walter Daelemans
1000-1030Using ILP to learn a domain theory in the form of a FSA
Maria Liakata and Stephen Pulman
1100-1130A Generic Approach to EM Learning for Symbolic-Statistical Models
Taisuke Sato
1130-1200Learning Language in Logic - Genic Interaction Extraction Challenge
Claire Nédellec
1200-1230LLL'05 Challenge: Genic Interaction Extraction -- Identification of Language Patterns Based on Alignment and Finite State Automata
Jörg Hakenberg, Conrad Plake, Ulf Leser, Harald Kirsch and Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann
1430-1500Genic Interaction Extraction with Semantic and Syntactic Chains
Sebastian Riedel and Ewan Klein
1500-1530Automatically Acquiring a Linguistically Motivated Genic Interaction Extraction System
Mark A. Greenwood, Mark Stevenson, Yikun Guo, Henk Harkema and Angus Roberts
1530-1600Learning to Extract Genic Interactions Using Gleaner
Mark Goadrich, Louis Oliphant and Jude Shavlik
1630-1700Learning Biological Interactions from Medline Abstracts
Sophia Katrenko, M. Scott Marshall, Marco Roos and Pieter Adriaans
1700-1730Learning genic interactions without expert domain knowledge: Comparison of different ILP algorithms
Luboš Popelínský and Jan Blaťák

Call for papers

This workshop is the fourth Learning Language in Logic (LLL) workshop, following previous LLL workshops in Bled (99), Lisbon (00) and Strasbourg (01). The purpose of the workshop is to provide a focus for work which applies machine learning using logical representations to natural language. Much existing work in this area uses techniques from inductive logic programming (ILP), and increasingly statistical relational learning. More details on the LLL state-of-the-art are available from the LLL home page, which includes links to many LLL papers, including introductory ones. We encourage submission of papers on any aspect of logic-based machine learning for natural language learning.

One of the principal motivations for proposing such a workshop now is the increasing interest in applying logic-based machine learning to the problem of Information Extraction from bio-medical texts. For this reason the workshop has an associated challenge task where the aim is to learn IE rules which can be used to extract information on gene/protein interactions. Although, bio-medical IE is a special theme of the workshop, we very much encourage good quality articles on any aspect of logic-based machine learning for natural language learning. Here is a non-exhaustive list of possible topics:

Challenge task

Full details of the LLL05 bio-medical challenge task are available from INRA's challenge task web page.


James Cussens, University of York, UK. (workshop)

Claire Nédellec, INRA, France. (challenge task)

Programme Committee

Previous LLL workshops

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