Graphical Models Reading Group

James Cussens, Marek Grzes, Waleed Alsanie
Department of Computer Science, University of York

Meetings: every other Thursday, 14:15-15:15

Papers for the Next Meeting

  1. Ioannis P. Klapaftis, Suresh Manandhar: Word Sense Induction Using Graphs of Collocations. ECAI 2008: 298-302.

Meeting Schedule

  1. 07/05/2009 - 14:15-15:15 (in CS122): Marek Grzes presented: An Introduction to Bayesian Networks: Representation and Approximate Inference based on:
  2. 21/05/2009 - 14:15-15:15 (in CS202J): Waleed Alsanie talked about Markov Networks and exact reasoning in graphical models. The junction tree algorithm was discussed. The talk was based on:
  3. 04/06/2009 - 14:15-15:15 (in CS122): Adel Aloraini talked about learning Bayesian networks from data based on:
  4. 18/06/2009 - 14:15-15:15 (in CS103): Burcu Can talked about application of Bayesian networks in NLP.
  5. 09/07/2009 - 14:15-15:15 (in CS202J): Ahmad Shahid talked about Word Sense Induction Using Graphs of Collocations.

Paper Bank

Graphical Models

  1. Andrieu, C. and de Freitas, N. and Doucet, A. and Jordan, M. I.: An Introduction to MCMC for Machine Learning. Machine Learning, 50, 5--43, 2003.
  2. Cecil Huang and Adnan Darwiche: Inference in Belief Networks: A Procedural Guide. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 1994.
  3. D. Heckerman: A tutorial on learning with Bayesian networks, Microsoft Research tech. report, MSR-TR-95-06, 1996.
  4. D. MacKay: An introduction to Monte Carlo methods, 1998.
  5. D. Koller, N. Friedman, L. Getoor, and B. Taskar. Introduction to Statistical Relational Learning, Chap. Graphical Models in a Nutshell.
    MIT Press, 2007.
  6. Gregory F. Cooper and Tom Dietterich: A Bayesian method for the induction of probabilistic networks from data (or this link), Machine Learning, 1992, 309--347.

Relational Statistics

  1. Richardson, M., and Domingos, P.: Markov logic networks. Machine Learning 62:107–136, 2006.


Natural Language Processing

  1. Goyal Pawan, Behera Laxmidhar, McGinnity T M: Application of Bayesian Framework in Natural Language Understanding, IETE Technical Review, 2008, Vol. 25(5), 251-269.
  2. Ioannis P. Klapaftis, Suresh Manandhar: Word Sense Induction Using Graphs of Collocations. ECAI 2008: 298-302.


  1. Nir Friedman, Michal Linial, Iftach Nachman, Dana Pe'er: Using Bayesian Networks to Analyze Expression Data, Journal of Computational Biology. August 2000, 7(3-4): 601-620.
  2. N Friedman: Inferring cellular networks using probabilistic graphical models, Science, Vol. 303, No. 5659. (2004), pp. 799-805.

Computer Vision

More Reading Material

  2. here:

Last update: 09/07/2009